A Temple

Today I had a realization. If I represent Christ then I boast in Christ. If I am a part of his church then I am also apart of the kingdom and make up God’s house that Christ sits over as big brother, shepherd, Valiant friend, among other titles. I am apart of a temple so rich that it couldn’t be made of precious stones or minerals of the earth, but of flesh that God knitted together and predestined to interconnect to form his body. This flesh is me and all followers. Imagine that. All of the people around the world, followers of the true way, are connected to me and each other through Christ. It doesn’t matter if I’ve never met them, it doesn’t matter if they are at different points in their walk with God, it doesn’t matter what struggles they deal with, God connects me deeply to those in his kingdom. If we work as a body does, the body grows, adding more and more pieces, strengths, creativity, and points of view. Along with Tension, weakness and conflict. All of these things make the kingdom rich, picking up where the other lacks. We are all different and God accepts us all. A person in the kingdom of God is no different from the stranger walking past you on the street, all fall short of the glory of God, but a decision is what separates followers. A decision to follow God and make him lord of life, no matter what and if my bother or sister, who has taken this vow, is weak I will help them. If my brother or sister who has not taken this vow is weak, I will help them also. We are all striving for the same thing, even if we don’t know it fully.

No one truly commits to a life of godliness and makes no effort. Because people are connected to me through Christ, I will never doubt that they are family, that they are looking ahead to see God’s glory in his return, that they are fighting not only for themselves, but for me also. If they hurt me I will forgive them, if they mess up (like everyone does) I will have grace. My God doesn’t look to judge but to save. I will trust that those striving for godliness in this life have the best intentions, because that is faith in God, And God is love. Where there is perfect love there is no fear. 1 John 4:18.

Ephesians 4:16

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